Friday, April 01, 2011

Rug Clean

Beautiful Rugs These rug have both been cleaned and restored

Tile Cleaning -Outdoor

BEFORE CLEANING During Cleaning After Cleaning

Tile CLeaning commercial building

Commercial Tile cleaning The differance is clean Badly soiled Hand scrubbing close to the skirting boards
Long term Water Damge + Rising damp, paint work on wall is bubbling and lifting. The rising damp needs to fixed before proper moisture removal form the brick wall can take place. The odour is pungent and creating a "Sick" working environment Behind filing cabinet White mould on top of carpet next to rust, carpet still wet.
Tile and grout cleaning outdoors
Sandstone Tile Cleaning G/Waverely

Tile heavily soiled and stained Soiled

12mths since last clean

Tile and grout now cleaned
Is this bunnings tallest Man\? Please enter your thoughts

Lounge suite Cleaning

Cleaning upholstery left side cleaning, right side yet to be cleaned. When was the last time you cleaned your couch or dining chairs?

The differance of professional cleaning at a glance!

Side view

Wow the couch is being restored through great cleaning techniques by Able Carpet Care. Clean your cotton , wool , velvet , linen couches and chairs before it is permanently damaged.