Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rug Dry Cleaning - It can be done.

Do you have a delicate rug? 

Is your rug made from Fake Silk or Faux Silk, Art Silk , polyester, rayon 

Is there a warning label on your rug 

Do not steam

Do not wet 

Do not use water

Professional cleaning only 

Dry clean only

All these rugs can be cleaned at Able Carpet Care call 9562-7565 

Press the arrows to view the video.


Cleaning a 5 year old Art Silk rug with Capture powder

The powder is impregnated with cleaning solution, it is agitated into the fiber to clean each side.

Once it dries it is safely vacuumed off the rug, soil and stains are removed.
If you have a Rug that needs cleaning please call Able Carpet Care 9562-7565

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rug Cleaning - How much soil can a rug hold? Cleaning Rugs will make your indoor healthier.

It is so important to remove the dust or soil from a rug. This is soil/dust removed by the "Rug Badger". Click belwo 

This is typical of what can removed from a shag rug.
 We clean all sort of rugs Persian, Designer, Afghan, Indian, Wool, Nylon, Woven, Antique, Belgium,  Heat Set, Machine made, hand made we have a system that can clean any of your rugs.

Call us now to clean your rugs Able Carpet Care 9562-7565

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Rug and Carpet Cleaning - Traffic areas

Do you have heavy traffic areas on your carpet?

Heavily soiled and stained carpet dose not look good, it is unhealthy. The carpet is a sink for trapping soil and stains.

Get them cleaned today by Able Carpet Care for  a Clean fresh look!

Make you home or office clean, return the fresh and new look to your carpets. Clean Carpets will make you home or office look like new again.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Cleaning your couch chairs, dining chair

When cleaning your Couches / Dining Chairs / Office chairs you will need the best equipment. Able Carpet Care uses the "Drimaster" tool ti get the best clean for you.


Click on the link above to see how our Drimaster tool will clean your couch better.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Carpet Cleaning or repairs. What do I do?

Do your carpets need cleaning or are they worn out!

This area has been sun affected after a pot plant was removed. The moisture from the pot plant has allowed bacterial - Mildew to consume the natural fibers only synthetic fibers remain each vacuuming the fibers are extracted and the hole gets bigger until the unaffected fibers resist. This needs to be repaired.
This carpet has been bleach, a few drips from a bucket or spray. This cannot be cleaned but can be repaired.

This carpet can be restored through good carpet cleaning.
Cleaning or scrubbing carpet will lift the pile and extract the dirt and oil. It is amazing to see the carpet revived and returned to its former glory. Customers think the carpet needs to be thrown out, professional cleaning be Able Carpet Care will save an expensive purchase in most cases. Call 9562-7565 to arrange to have your Rugs, Carpets, Lounge Suite, Curtains or Tiles restored. Clean and Fresh