Monday, June 24, 2013

Brighton Sandringham Black Rock Carpet and rug cleaning

We clean a range of carpets and rugs in Brighton. A professional clean cannot be completed in an hour Spot cleaning , soil removal , setting correct temperature/ solution PH settings takes professional training and experience. Call Able Carpet Care to have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. We clean and repair  

Stain Master Carpets Dupont - How to maintain

Weather you have a wool or nylon carpet regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your investment stay clean, looks great and keeps your home healthy. This is a stainmaster I cleaned in the Eastern suburbs. Approx 10 years old needs some retentioning and cleaning.   

 Agitation and professional cleaning always keeps your carpet looking good, clean, fresh and healthy.

Cleaning up very well

Front rugs and mats are they really worth it?

Sometimes your front mat is the first defense to trap soil. Working with professional matting companies who supply major shopping centers in Victoria and Australia, I was advised that 15-20 footsteps will take approx 80% of soil from your shoes.  

In your home a simple rug or mat for all to "wipe" shoes on can protect and save your precious fiber investment weather you have carpets - rugs or tiles. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cleanco's Heat Max PTI Offers Temperatures up to 240F for Powerful Cleaning

Cleanco's Heat Max PTI Offers Temperatures up to 240F for Powerful Cleaning:

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Able Carpet Care's  Powerful Cleaning machine made by CleanCo is a quality  Truck mount. It use far less chemicals to clean your precious - wool carpets - nylon carpets - wool rugs - lounge suites. With the heat produced by the machine we can use techniques to clean your carpets with less. We must use chemical solutions to clean your fibres but we need to use less of these solutions to improve the indoor environmental conditions. Better constructed  solutions cost much more but is used less and reduces your exposure making it safer for you and your family.

Cleaning of your Rugs - Carpets - Upholstery and Curtains is a yearly maintenance system, just like cleaning clothes - reduce the build up of soil and stains on your fibres and you will have a product that lasts longer, looks great and is clean and healthy for you and your family.

Let Able Carpet Care clean your fabrics and fibres - give them a new lease of life!
Carpet repairs - Pulled Fibres can be repaired by a qualified carpet layer
 Here is some pulled threads next to the architrave. Some time a carpet is laid incorrectly when installed or if it has been pulled up and then put back. Able carpet care can fix the carpet and repair.
 A pulled fiber from a workman.
 This pile was damaged and to be cut correctly and re installed

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Persian Rugs are made - YouTube

How Persian Rugs are made - YouTube:

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Persian rugs are made from the heart, techniques passed down through the generations. Please listen to Hans as he takes you on an experience how Persian rug are made. Able Rug care can clean all you had made rugs.



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Check how your wool carpet is made, from the sheep's' back, sorted ,, dyed and made into carpet rolls.
Spots , soil removed and imperfections cut out. A wool carpet is a valuable investment in your house keep it clean, well vacuumed and use Able Carpet Care to professionally clean your quality carpet and add years and years of life to your investment. Quality carpet Cleaning using industry best practices.

Haunted by Mold - New York Times

Haunted by Mold - New York Times: "Melinda Ballard parks her cream-colored Jaguar next to her deserted dream house in Dripping Springs, Tex"

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A real mould story at Melinda's house in TEXAS USA. Any mould needs attention, find the source and clean appropriately to protect your family.  Give yourself a few minutes to read the above story.

Proper safety gear needs to be worn to treat mould concerns. 

 Moisture on the window not treated will bubble paint, rot timber, wet out curtains and can lead to mould growth. The moisture is part of the problem that needs solving. Improve air flow and regular cleaning.
Small leaks left untreated allow mould to grow on the jute backing of carpets, this can allow growth on the underlay/ sub floor (concrete/wood) and skirting.   

Friday, June 07, 2013

Cleanco's Heat Max PTI Offers Temperatures up to 240F for Powerful Cleaning

Cleanco's Heat Max PTI Offers Temperatures up to 240F for Powerful Cleaning:

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Able Carpet Care(est 1956) has been using the Cleanco Truckmount technology for over 4 years. Less chemicals to clean carpet, upholstery, curtains in commercial or domestic cleaning jobs due to better heat, chemistry and 50+ years of knowledge. Professionally cleaned Carpet - Upholstery - Curtains improves your indoor health for you and your family, extends the life of the fiber and we extract more water than other machines, reducing the drying time.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Caring For Your Carpet Specialized advice to look after your carpet

Caring For Your Carpet:

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Whether your fiber is  Synthetic - Nylon, Polypropylene, Faux Silk, Polyester,   
Natural -  wool,Cotton, silk, jute, leather, etc. All you rugs and carpets will require maintenance and spot cleaning. Please read the attached link. if you cannot remove the stain or soil then call us at Able Carpet Care and we will professionally treat your rug or carpet, restoring the finish, leaving the carpet/rug clean and Fresh.

Michael P.