Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pilling - Rugs

What is Pilling - the dictionary  
A tangled ball of fibers that appears on the surface of a fabric, as a result of wear, abrasion, or continued friction or rubbing on the surface of the fabric.
Small balls of fuzz form on a fabric surface as a result of abrasion, such as washing or wearing. Pilling doesn't affect performance until it starts to thin the fabric.
The tendency of fibres to work loose from a surface and form balled or matted particles that remain attached to the surface of the carpet.
 Piling the fuzz has built up on the rug and it looks terrible. 
The first pass with the pile lifting machine    

All the fuzz has been removed and the rug looks like new. The customer is wrapped with the result. 

Rug Cleaning

The rug was delivered looking tired and stained, it had not been cleaned for over 2 years. It was in bad need of clean. It took 4 days to restore the colour and remove stains, we are proud to send this rug home!

 Rug soiled and stained 
 Rug showing shading 

Rug cleaned and deodorised , looking fresh!! WOW !!