Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clean carpets have positive impact on indoor air quality | Inclean

Clean carpets have positive impact on indoor air quality | Inclean:

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When we think of cleaning a fibre -:

- Carpet
- Rugs
- Upholstery
- Curtain
- Lounge Chair
- Tiled floor

:- are we only think about how it looks to ourselves and our friends? Is important the the next time your guests see you house it looks in  "Tip Top condition"? Of course it is but we should not neglect and over look the importance of the indoor air quality. This is a huge bonus when your fibres are cleaned  by Able Carpet Care. Soil, dirt and dust is extracted from your house and out to our vans(out side your house). This improves the look of you couch, carpet, curtains, rugs and tiled floor and the air quality is immediately improved.
Give me a call so we can improve your home, a present your whole family will benefit.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Tips to delivering customer service excellence

Tips to delivering customer service excellence:

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Delivering a service to a customer has it pros's and Cons. We clean 4 larges jobs yesterday and here are the results.(surnames Withheld)

Mrs Patricia from Burwood carpet not cleaned for 6+ years very heavily soiled, Patricia called to commend the excellent result we achieved and committed to cleaning her High Traffic areas in the future.

 Mrs Joy from Richmond had a red wine spill, advised it was drying out terrific but wish her husband had not scrubbed the carpet around the stain, the carpet is now flatten in the area he treated.

Mrs Joan from Camberwell added the rugs are responding better to treatment each time they are clean. Mrs J has her rugs cleaned every 12 months prior to Able Carpet Care cleaning the rugs, they were not touched for over 10years. 

Mrs Lorraine- Cheltenham was impressed by her yearly service!