Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Choosing Carpet for you Home or Work space

Choosing carpet for your Home or work space. A carpet is decribed in ounces. A 30 oz carpet  has more fibre per square inch than a 24 oz carpet.


The carpet fibre and weight will determine the quality of your carpet. The better the fibre the better the carpet. Fibre defines how a carpet looks, feels and performs. The most common fibre type available here are wool, synthetic and blends of the two.


Wool sets the standard for all carpet fibres. Its superiority stems from the complexity of the fibre developed by mother nature to protect the sheep in all weather conditions. Wool has great attributes and is simply  beautiful - It feels and looks fantastic.

Synthetic Fibre 

Solution dyed  Nylon (SDN) and Polypropylene fibres each have advantages, while  both are synthetic they have similar properties. SDN is a durable , strong yet flexible fibre that is colour fast and inherently stain resistant as it is appropriately treated. Polypropylene is a fatigue-resistant fibre that is colourfast and inherently stain resistant. Poly propylene is cost effective option over SDN.


Blends are created by combining wool and synthetic fibres in various percentages. Blending wool and synthetic fibres reduce fuzzing and shedding and will maintain the carpet's appearance for a long time. At the same time wool blends offer beautiful feel and natural look of wool.


            Once you have chosen the correct carpet, you should create a maintenance plan to look after you new asset. A proper maintenance plan with keep your purchase looking good, create a healthy environment and increase the lifetime of the asset. A domestic carpet life span 25-40 years , Commercial carpet 10-15 years.
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The correct maintenance plan should involve Vacuuming, Spot cleaning and Restoration Cleaning by a professional company.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Carpet Cleaning Wilton wool carpets commercial - Domestic

How do you clean your Wilton carpet? 

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Weather you Own a Commercial or Domestic carpet, it need to be cleaned and mmaintained.

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The ligther the fibre the more maintenance it will require. Please check the Wilton Website below for cleaning instructions and how to prolong the life, feel and look of your investment. 

Able Carpet Care is a Wool Safe register carpet cleaning firm.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cleaning Carpets in the suburb of Glen Waverley

Cleaning Carpets in the suburb of Glen Waverley 

Your soiled and stained carpets can be a thing of the past if you regular maintain and clean the carpets. This carpet was on 10 months old, a cream carpet will last longer if cleaned regularly. 
Call to have your carpets professionally cleaned and deodorised.
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Monday, March 02, 2015

Chair Cleaning - Will Cleaning your upholstery improve the life of the Chair

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Just like your clothes A couch , dining chair , sofa , lounge suite need regular cleaning or the fabric / leather will absorb stains ,   

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the dust or soil will abrasively wear the seat causing premature wear.

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Leather Lounge in need of a restoration clean. Once clean and restored the leather looks renewed. 

Image result for worn couch

A Before and after picture of a microfiber couch. The picture on the left shows stains and soil, the right hand side shows the couch after restoration. Leaving a couch in poor condition will result in the fabric being worn out, the fame will usually be in good order but you will now need to replace the couch.
I suggest a couch depending on colour and use should be cleaned every 2-3 years to keep it looks its best. A good frame and construction should see you get 30+ years from your investment.

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