Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Caring for my rug carpet couch curtains

How should I be Caring for my rug carpet couch curtains ?

There are many reasons we get our precious items cleaned

- A rug or carpet looks dirty
-  A couch has marks and stains on it.
- The office smells "musky"
- We have pets in our house 
- I want the curtains clean they are very dusty
- I have a vomit stain or pet wee wee.
- The room smells mouldy
- I have friends coming over
- The mother in law is staying 

 No matter what the reason all Rugs, Carpets , Couches and curtains need a little maintenance, some need every 4-6 months others every 1-2 years.

Maintenance consists of the following :
- Vacuuming
- Spot cleaning
- Wipe over
- Spraying a deodorant
- Cleaning and restoring your fiber


A thorough vacuum(45-60mins  can be performed weekly with spot cleaning, alight vacuum can be done in between(15mins).
Wipe over your couches with a damp micro fibre cloth once a week, add some vinegar 2 - 4 tablespoons to your warm water.
Spray a "Glen-20" type product to neutralise odours, if it does not work you need to call Able Carpet Care to clean your fibres.
Clean and restore your fibres on a regular routine, Winter or Summer, your house will be cleaner and your fibres last longer.
If you have a spot from Urine or Vomit, treat while fresh to get best results do not leave it.
Any water leaks that you can usually smell a musky or mould odour call Able Carpet Care  to dry and fix the area so your family and friends are no breathing in toxic gases.

Monday, April 11, 2016

When do I clean my home or office

Cleaning Your Home or Office 

Should be done on regular basis, a carpet, rug or lounge suite has a build up dirt, stains dust and insects. If this in not removed it can become a problem reducing your fabric life.
- Mould and Mildew can begin growing causing health problems such as asthma, sneezing, Itching, runny nose, etc.
- Stains make you fabric look dirty and undesirable to sit on, your friends and family will not feel happy in an environment that is not clean.
- Soil scratches away, cutting or permanently staining fibres. This will reduce the life of you precious rug, carpet or lounge suite you will pay many $,000 of dollars to replace your item.

 Create a healthier Home or work place, clean you Rugs, Carpets, Upholstery, Curtains or hard surface floors regularly. You will be happier in a cleaner environment, your home or work will sparkle. Call Able Carpet Care today.