Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heavily soiled rug with busy pattern

This is a cream background rug, the busy pattern helps to hide the soil on the rug. When choosing your rugs with a light colour, always add a fleck or pattern. The flecks and patterns will assist to disguise stains and spills in the future. This rug had not been cleaned for over 2 years, there is damage to the pile.
Rug prior to cleaning 

After cleaning

Are 3 cleans we have restored the pile leaving the rug clean and fresh!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cost fails to predict cleaning power of vacuums ::

Cost fails to predict cleaning power of vacuums ::

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Is vaccuming  a chore? Prefer not to do it.
Although it is time consuming you are improving the look and health of your environment removing dust, soil and allergens. With the proper vacuum you family will have a healthier home. Vacuum your matress and couch and breathe easy. Please click on the link and watch the videos.