Tuesday, February 28, 2012



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On Friday we cleaned "Marian" from Kooyong. I was called by Marian today to tell what a wonderful job we did.
Marian's carpet was 12years old and she thought in need of replacement. I suggested we clean all the carpets with our deep cleaning system which involves.

1.Vacuuming all carpet
2.Treating each spot and stain
3.Pre-spraying all the carpet fibers to release the soil and grime
4.Agitate and scrub cleaning solution so all fibers are treated
5. Hot water extract cleaning solution
6. Inspect and spot clean remaining spots then flush
7. Apply a fiber rinse to assist drying and neutralize cleaning solution
8. Rake and lift pile
Marian is now confident to clean the carpet every 12months, has praised and thanked our team for a terrific job. Marian added that carpet looks as good as new and has save here well over $15,000 to replace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's cleaning today!

What's cleaning today!:

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Pros and Cons of Today’s SYNTHETIC Fiber Area Rugs
1) They are cheap.
If you pay more than $18 sq mtr for a synthetic olefin (polypropylene) or polyester or acrylic rug, you are being RIPPED OFF. You should truly pay next to nothing for these rugs because there is no labor cost in their production (all are machine made) and the fibers are essentially poor quality plastic.
This is basically the big “pro” of these rugs, that they are cheap.

The back of olefin rugs are hard to the touch - they feel like plastic because they are plastic.



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Vacuums -

Thinking of buying a new vacuum?
Consider the following:

Play the video at the bottom call "vacuum cleaner buying guide, this will assist you to make the right choice that suits you.

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