Thursday, May 28, 2015

When should I clean carpet in my home ? Why should I clean my carpets

How do I benefit from cleaning carpet in my home.

Cleaning carpet in your home or office is a personal choice. 

The manufacturers of carpets all agree and want a regular cleaning system, this includes vacuuming, spot cleaning, grooming and scheduled maintenance by a combination of restorative cleaning and interim cleaning. By following these recommendations you will not only have a clean, beautiful carpet throughout your home or office your home and office will be a healthy environment for your family, work colleagues and you.

Vacuuming will remove soil,fluff and small particles from the carpets surface, buying the right vacuum is very important to clean the carpet to manufactures specifications.
Spot Cleaning will assist to reduce a build up of spots and stains on the carpet keeping your carpet looking good. Only use a safe spot cleaner recommended for your carpet. 
Grooming or pile lifting again is to make your carpet look it best just like brushing your hair. Sometime we groom before cleaning to lift the soil to the surface.
Scheduled maintenance 
- Interim cleaning of your carpet cleans the top or tips of you fibre, usually is a shampoo or dry clean system every 3-4 months
- Restoration Cleaning  washes your fibre is usually a Hot Water Extraction or Steam clean usually every 12-24 months

These simple steps will ensure your carpets will last 30+years. Ensure your purchase a well made carpet with a good fibre suitable to your use.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Water Damaged . What do I do? How do I fix?

No Matter how bad your water damage situation is there is always a way to remove the water and dry the structure.

Where ever the water is we can clean it up for you.

Teh Experienced personal at able Carpet care will remove the water from your flooded area and begin the drying process to sucessfully restore your Home/Office.

We can return your home or office back to the way it was before the flood. Just call for Help.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cleaning a persian carpet you need to know how it is made, I will show you how these are made

Click below to see how and where Persian carpets are made.

Iranian Rugs being made

Cleaning Rugs and Mats today Customweave carpets and rugs

Today I am cleaning 100% woolen Custom Weave Rug Shag designer style

 I am also cleaning 8 White 100% nylon rugs, these have been made to order. The rugs are used in Weddings. The rugs are challenging to clean as they are some times laid on grass or dirt surface, the backing will absorb some of the surface, when cleaning it will bleed into the fibre. Both sides are cleaned to produce a clean result. These rugs can be put into a rug bath to get the best result.