Friday, May 30, 2014

Sponsoring the Mount View Art Show Thursday June 12th to June 15th 2014 celebrating the 30th Year A great community event.

Able Carpet Care proudly sponsors the MountView Primary School Art Show .

The 2014 Mount View Art Show

The Mount View Art Show has been hosted by Mount View Primary School in Glen Waverley since 1984, and in 2014 the Mount View Art Show will be celebrating its 30th anniversary year.

Each year the Art Show showcases the work of talented Australian artists whilst raising valuable funds for the primary school. In this our 30th anniversary year we welcome Robert Knight as our guest 2D judge and Savaad Felich as our guest 3D judge. We also welcome eleven talented guest artists to our show, including the much loved artist and author Graeme Base.  Graeme Base is behind the classic children’s books Animalia, The Eleventh Hour and The Sign of the Seahorse, and we are both privileged and excited to be able to exhibit a selection of Graeme’s magnificent works of art.
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Carpet or Rug Damage form Moths and Insects

Do you have a moth damaged carpet or rug?

Like any infestation there is a cycle, the important thing to do is break the cycle. Able Carpet Care can do this. The adult/ Cocoon and egg are removed then the area is treated, when the larva evolves treated area will again work to kill the egg as it hatches.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Carpet cleaning the good old fashion way;

This video was made in the the 1960s'

We have better methods these days and you probably do not have time to spend cleaning spots and stains.

Watch this video on how to remove stains.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Best Carpet in the World

What is the best carpet in the world?

What is it made from ? Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, polypropylene, Silk, Art Silk, Blend

Where is it made? Australia, Afghanistan, Armenia, China,India, Pakistan, Persia, Turkey, Spain, England, America, Bulgaria, France, Germany.

What Type? Woven, Needle Felt, Knotted,Tufted, falt weave

How is it dyed? Solution dye, Space Dyed, Stock, dye, Pad Dye, jet Dye, Printing, Beck Dyeing,  

Carpet gets it color through four basic dye methods. The most common is called jet-beck, where the carpet and the dye are place in a vat, and then placed under pressure (kind of like grandma’s pressure cooker). Since the beck is under pressure it does not take as long for the dye to penetrate the fibers. Thus, the term JET beck.
Another method is Kuster dyeing. Kuster dyeing involves running the carpet along a conveyer belt under a row of jets that apply computer controlled color. Kuster methods have to be controlled carefully. If not, the color could drift across the roll and cause a problem known as sidematch shading. This makes seaming the carpet impossible without a visible color break at the seam line.
The third method is called Atmospheric or Beck dyeing. Beck dyeing is simply placing the carpet in a giant vat of hot dye and cooking it for a few hours. This type of dyeing puts the color evenly through out the carpet and is the best way to eliminate sidematch problems. Beck dye carpets cost a little more because they take longer to make.
The fourth methond is solution or yarn dyeing. This is where the fiber is dyed in solution form, then made into yarn, and then made into carpet. This method is the most color fast, (fade resistant), and eliminates sidematch problems altogther. You will see solution dyed carpets most often in commercial carpet, and now in the new Triexta fiber (Smartstrand, a Mohawk trademark). This method of dying is why Mohawk puts a no fade warranty and lifetime stain warranty on their Smartstrand carpets.

What Styles Patterns ? Loop Pile, Patterned Loop, Cut and Loop, Cut Pile, 

Carpet comes in various styles with names like plush, textured and berber. The style of a carpet refers to the way it was made. Alter something in that process and get a carpet with a different look or style. A carpet made with looped fibers, like berber, looks quite different from one made with cut fibers, like plush, while one made from fibers of different lengths has a subtly textured appearance.
Any number of changes can be made or combined to produce a range of looks or styles.

Whats the best colour? Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Within a facility, bright colors with contrasting highlights can differentiate department or team areas.  An accent color on the floor can establish a break between the floor and the wall or stairway, and a printed or tufted pattern carpet can reinforce a corporate identity? 
Color selection of carpet is as diverse as the imagination can provide.  Quiet colors such as neutral earth colors or the blues of sky and water are chosen for a soothing effect or a corporate look, whereas warmer colors, reds, maize, and shades of orange are used for creating a mood of energy and vitality.
Mid-range colors and multicolor blends are best for hiding soil near entrances.  Carpet is being produced to coordinate with other interior finishes such as laminates, upholstery, natural stones, wall coverings and paint, and many carpet manufacturers will produce custom colors and constructions to meet individual specifications for design coordination.

Water damage Carpet Upholstery Curtains Tiles RUgs

Water damaged Homes 

The feeling is awful, all your precious possessions have been drowned by water. It usually cold, Damp you can be confused what to do?

The water can be extracted and dried out , the ceiling repaired, the personals can be also dried or replaced.

Professional water damage remediation will fix your concerns.

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