Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Importance of Vacuuming your carpets and lounge or dining chairs

Never underestimate your vacuum Cleaner!
Dyson Dc41 Animal Upright
It is the one simple and effective way to remove soil and even some light staining from your wool,cotton and nylon carpets / Lounge suite.
        Whether your carpet / upholstery is made by Stain Master, Rhino carpets, Axeminster, Wools of New Zealand, DuPont, Mohawk, Shaw and Royalty or your Couches and Dining chairs are made by King furniture, Moran , East Style, Molmic , Anton Gerner, Natuzzi.
         Vacuuming your precious carpet and upholstery assets and removing the soil, you will improve the look and colour,reduce allergies by removing pollens and bacteria and most importantly extends the life of your valuable asset.