Monday, April 27, 2015

How to clean Spills and Stains on your carpets or upholstery

Cheeky Member
When a cheeky member of your family and friends accidently spills or spots your Lounge carpets or chair what do you do?

Image result for cat urine carpet
Cleaning the spot/stain can become a real problem if not treated correctly. I suggest to use the KISS process (keep it simple st....),
 A simple way to treat most spots is 10ml dishwashing liquid in a large glass of water, then gently work the spot/stain to the centre. If there is no transfer to your rag(white rag) then leave for a professional. Do not over clean and create a hole or fuzz your fibres.

Image result for spot clean process carpetImage result for spot clean process carpet

Urine stains take a lot more effort to clean as shown below if treated ASAP.


How do I look after my carpet?

Your carpets installation will need maintenance to keep the investment looking good and maximise the carpets life

We recommend a repair service every 7-10 years, cleaning should be done 3-6months(commercial) 6-24 Months(Domestic) this will assist you to get the most use from the carpet. Too many carpets are thrown away when the age is 7-10 years, these product are produced to last 20+ years when looked after correctly. We have programs for both commercial and domestic to keep your carpet clean and healthy.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Stair Nosing - Is it good for carpets?

Stair Nosing - Is it good for carpets?

Image result for stair nosingImage result for stair nosingImage result for stair nosing carpetInstalling stair nosing will reduce wear on the edge of the step, it can reduce how often carpet need replacing on the stairs. The nosing will create a safe step for people using the stairs with grip, a solid feel improved visibility.
There are various stair nosing available to suit all stairs and carpet. Your stairs will be a statement rather than an eye sore.

Image result for stair nosing carpet The tread are made of wood, aluminium, plastic , cork, etc.

Image result for stair nosing houseImage result for stair nosing house
Image result for stair nosing houseImage result for stair nosing carpet house

The Stair nosing can lift your tired carpet and give a new look to your stair case.

  Image result for stair nosing carpet house

Able Carpet Care can clean your carpet once the stair nosing  is installed call Able Carpet Care for installation and cleaning.   03 -9562-7565

Should I buy new carpet?

Most carpets can be restored to their former life, when the carpet was soft and clean and full of colour.

A Proper restoration clean will restore the colour and feel of the carpet.  Cleaning your carpet regularly will assist to control your indoor environment. Making your home or office  clean and fresh

No Matter What type of carpet you have we can clean it

Image result for image dupont carpetImage result for image wools of new zealand

 Protected carpets we can clean and top up your coatings

Image result for image shaws carpet
Image result for image shaws carpet
Bed Room
Image result for image shaws carpet

Image result for image shaws carpet
Lounge Room

Do you anything cleaned Carpets Rugs Upholstery Curtains Tiles
 Call Able Carpet Care 9562-7565

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Is my rug Dirty ? Does HWE assist cleaning a rug . To Steam clean or Dry Clean

Dirty Rug or are these characteristics of the rug itself?

     I am asked these questions daily by rug and carpet owners. Some need cleaning others pile correction and some are damaged and need extensive cleaning,repair and restoration. Whether it is Hot Water Extraction, Steam clean or dry clean each method can be used on most fibres.
Each method will differ 
Older Persian rug 
Bleach stain
Traffic area

     Weather its an old rug , bleach stain or traffic area our trained technicians and staff will assist you to choose the correct restorative method to look after your rugs or carpets.
Dog stains
Its important you Rugs and Carpets are cleaned and maintained by a professional cleaning company. We have been in business since 1956 and can answer your questions, so call Able Carpet Care 03 9562-7565. 

Urine marks + carpet has pile reversal 
The rug above has a characteristic that not all owners like, the reverse pile make the have a "wet look". This can be improved but not solved as it is part of the rugs appearance.