Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Is my rug Dirty ? Does HWE assist cleaning a rug . To Steam clean or Dry Clean

Dirty Rug or are these characteristics of the rug itself?

     I am asked these questions daily by rug and carpet owners. Some need cleaning others pile correction and some are damaged and need extensive cleaning,repair and restoration. Whether it is Hot Water Extraction, Steam clean or dry clean each method can be used on most fibres.
Each method will differ 
Older Persian rug 
Bleach stain
Traffic area

     Weather its an old rug , bleach stain or traffic area our trained technicians and staff will assist you to choose the correct restorative method to look after your rugs or carpets.
Dog stains
Its important you Rugs and Carpets are cleaned and maintained by a professional cleaning company. We have been in business since 1956 and can answer your questions, so call Able Carpet Care 03 9562-7565. 

Urine marks + carpet has pile reversal 
The rug above has a characteristic that not all owners like, the reverse pile make the have a "wet look". This can be improved but not solved as it is part of the rugs appearance.

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