Monday, November 17, 2014

Cleaning your Rug - Carpet - Lounge Suite - Curtains - Tiles

Why is my fiber not performing ? I will call the Supplier it must be a bad product ! The salesman sold me a carpet rug couch that is bad ! My asthma has become worse ! I scratch when I am near it !

When buying an item for your home Rugs Carpet Upholstery Curtain Bed take a few moments to think about the following :
- How will it get used 
           - How many Adults /  kids / animals live in the house 
           - How much time do I Spend at home, do you take you shoes off
           - Do I live close to a main road, beach, bush, sandy soil, etc 
           - What is in my garden do I have possum poo, berry plants,  Allegoric plants,etc    
           - Do you have an allergy?

Traffic stain
Berry Stain 
  If you have traffic pollution or berry stains that will frequently walked into your carpet you colour choice and style will decide how long your carpet will last. Lighter colors, allergies, pollution, kids mean more maintenance to get your fiber to last longer. 

Cal Able Carpet Care on 9562-7565 to arrange the best cleaning of your home furnishings.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Carpet Cleaning Challenge - Cleaning carpets that have a mix of oil and soil (heavily soiled)

Cleaning Carpets can be challenging 

This carpet had a combination of oil, grease and soils trampled into the fiber. It took approx 2 hours to clean 3 rooms. The fiber I.D. was was important so the correct chemicals and method to clean could be chosen. I was happy with the clean but I would not recommend you allow your home carpets to get to this stage. The life of the carpet has been reduced. Call Able Carpet Care for yoru cleaning needs on 9562 7565. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

To clean a Wool carpet such as Brintons - Hycraft - Cavlier Bremworth - Hightech - Victoria Carpets Etc

Cleaning carpets requires various skills to identify the correct cleaning method for your carpet.

- The fiber style(loop, cut pile, shag, pattern, high/low,etc) and colour
- Is the carpet a Wool, Blend, Nylon, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Bamboo, Polyester, faux Silk, Silk, etc.
- Heavy duty or light duty, commercial, domestic, indoor, out door.
- What conditions is the carpet exposed to oil, exhaust fumes, heavy traffic, dogs, cats, kids, sunlight 
- How is the carpet used Heavy traffic, food area, gym work, etc
- How do you vacuum the carpet and what type of vacuum do you use.
- How long do you want the carpet to last 

Most methods of cleaning will achieve a result, how effective the result depends on the experience technician identifying these conditions. At Able Carpet Care we regularly testing equipment, chemicals, Systems to achieve a better result on your carpets. Wool carpets should have a long life depending on how the carpet in maintained.  We have cleaned carpets that are 50+ years old because they are good quality and have been looked after with regular maintenance.


Matting/Rugs - Reduces soiling into your home
Vacuum - Weekly vacuuming to remove soils / dust / some staining, creates a healthy environment for you and your family. 
Spot Cleaning - Keep spots to minimum to reduce permanent staining.
Cleaning carpets - Clean your carpets every 6-24 months to improve the look, life and health of your home.
Airing your home - Open the doors and windows regularly to reduce 'Musky odours"
Carpet Re stretching - Carpet will require re-stretching every 8+ years.