Monday, November 17, 2014

Cleaning your Rug - Carpet - Lounge Suite - Curtains - Tiles

Why is my fiber not performing ? I will call the Supplier it must be a bad product ! The salesman sold me a carpet rug couch that is bad ! My asthma has become worse ! I scratch when I am near it !

When buying an item for your home Rugs Carpet Upholstery Curtain Bed take a few moments to think about the following :
- How will it get used 
           - How many Adults /  kids / animals live in the house 
           - How much time do I Spend at home, do you take you shoes off
           - Do I live close to a main road, beach, bush, sandy soil, etc 
           - What is in my garden do I have possum poo, berry plants,  Allegoric plants,etc    
           - Do you have an allergy?

Traffic stain
Berry Stain 
  If you have traffic pollution or berry stains that will frequently walked into your carpet you colour choice and style will decide how long your carpet will last. Lighter colors, allergies, pollution, kids mean more maintenance to get your fiber to last longer. 

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