Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dry Cleaning vs Steam cleaning

Mrs x ask me today “I want the best clean for my carpets, upholstery and curtains. Mrs Y used your service next door and it looks excellent” So I said we have 2 types of cleaning available, Dry and Steam cleaning. “I would prefer dry cleaning”. Well Mrs x we have various ways to clean your carpet as follows :
Dry Clean
- Encapsulation
- Shampoo/Dry Foam
- Dry Powder
- Bonnet Dry Clean
- Dry Fusion
- Rug Badger

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning(steam cleaning)
- Truckmount Machine
- Portable Extraction
- Immersion clean

Mrs x, what we will do is check what method suits your carpet and recommend the best method so you can make an informed decision. Your carpet should last you approx 30 years or more. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet will help you to achieve this goal, reduce allergens and keep your fibre looking clean and fresh.(just like Emily)

Mrs X has booked in for Christmas and decided to have all the carpets, upholstery and curtains cleaned, we will follow up with a phone call to see if she is happy after the clean and send her a reminder in 6 months time to come back and do the High traffic areas. This will save her $000 of dollars in replacement costs, improve the health of her home and keep the carpets looking clean and fresh, just like Emily.

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