Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why do we clean carpets ?????

I had a concern from a customer about the cleaning of their carpet of Friday. "It got me thinking why do we clean carpets". Able Carpet Cares follows the australian standards AS 3733:1995.

Able Carpet Care always recommends a clean every 12 months .The carpet it is a sink for catching dust, soil, spills, stains, insects, dust mites, Spiders, allergens, etc. Carpet is cleaned to look and feel good(LG); improve the life of the asset, saving you money(IL) ; finally we clean for health and reduce allergies(HA).

 The first clean is a full clean of all the carpet (LG+IL+HA) covering all concerns, the next clean in 12months is a H/tr clean (LG +IL). By cleaning your carpet this way you will have a healthy carpet that looks good and lasts Longer.

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