Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Home Cleaning News : Indoor Air Quality for your home

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Indoor air Programs are being offer by major universities to improve indoor air quality. When we clean your carpets and fabric upholstery/curtains, it is not just to make it look clean or last longer! We are cleaning the environment you live and breathe in to make it healthier. Dust, Pollen's, dust mites, mould spores are all reduced when cleaned correctly.

Harvard's Indoor Air Quality Programs

Boston, MA (March 5, 2012) — Harvard School of Public Health today announced its upcoming occupational health and safety programs for indoor air quality professionals. These programs, which take place on-site in Boston, MA, range in scope from industrial hygiene issues associated with indoor air quality to the testing and certification of filtration and gas adsorption systems. Lecturers for these programs include: Harvard faculty, occupational health and safety leaders from the private sector, government representatives, and researchers from renowned universities.

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