Thursday, February 06, 2014

Urine On Carpets - Accidents do occur

When urine accidents occur the urine penetrates the carpet to the underlay and then the sub floor - depending on how much urine.

Weather the spill is from a human or animal the Urine is normally slightly acid (4.5 - 7.2 normal range). The urine needs to be cleaned from the carpet and underlay in most cases or the odour may still linger. I have found urine can penetrate to the sub floor  cause further action to remove underlay, treat and seal the sub floor.  The urine salt needs to be flushed out and removed otherwise an odour will be released when moisture is present(humid air or water). This process becomes more difficult when many urine accidents have occurred in the same place, a build up of urine salts and making it more difficult to locate the spot of entry.  

The best way to treat Urine affected carpet.

1 Urine spill
2 Clean effected area and flood with Urine treatment
3 Extract Groom
4 Allow to dry

Extreme Urine (3 or more spills)lift carpet remove underlay and replace.

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