Thursday, October 20, 2016

Upholstery Cleaning - Fabric cleaning can be tricky get the professionals

Cleaning the many different upholstery fibres is a professionals job. 

 A plush velvet synthetic fibre will respond to correct chemical choice. The chemical PH, type of fibre , the usage and type of spills on the upholstery.

The correct equipment, training and type of cleaning solution, needs to be selected to get the best result.

A strong Cotton fibre can last the test of time and is worth spending a few more dollars on for an easy to clean long lasting fabric. The question would be for what purpose? This will last for years and years in a domsetic home where the traffic is not too heavy, but is a family of 5 with pets every day use, a darker colour would need to be chosen.

This Hemp fabric should go in the "good Good" room that rarely sees spills, stains or people. Hemp like viscose does not like liquid spills. Clean up immediately and dry or the fabric will be damaged.

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