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Carpet Cleaner Kit

Tips I recommend on how to maintain your commercial or home carpets

Carpet Cleaner Kit | Carpet Cleaners:

Preventative Procedures 
1. Barrier Mats - Barrier mats should be placed at all entrance ways into the facility and at 
locations were there is a transition from hard surface flooring onto the carpet if possible. 
This will help prevent soil from being tracked onto the carpet, improving its appearance 
and extending its life. Barrier mats should be vacuumed daily and cleaned or replaced 
frequently depending on the weather and use. 
2. Vacuuming - Proper vacuuming is one of the most important parts of a total preventive 
maintenance program.  Ineffective equipment or procedures will accelerate the 
appearance loss of the carpet by allowing dirt and grit to penetrate the pile surface. The 
accumulation of this soil, especially the smaller respirable particulates, can lead to Indoor 
Air Quality problems.  
The janitorial / housekeeping staff is typically assigned the task of scheduled vacuuming.  
Vacuuming frequencies should be determined by four factors: 
• Type of carpet installed and appearance expectations. 
• Type and quality of vacuum used. 
• Expected traffic for each area of the facility. 
• Soiling environment of each area of the facility. 
A commercial upright vacuum with a beater brush is recommended for vacuuming of all 
carpet. Regular maintenance of vacuums is also essential.  Vacuums should be emptied 
and inspected after every use.   Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the 
brushes. Also, make sure that there is no material obstructing the air-flow channel. 
Typical vacuuming frequencies are as follows: 
• High traffic: Every full work day.  All entrances, exits, lobbies, food service areas, 
main corridors, elevators, funnel and pivot points.  The vacuum should make a 
minimum of three passes in all high traffic areas.  July 2009 
• Medium traffic:  Every other work day. All secondary corridors, conference rooms, 
private offices. 
• Low traffic:  Once a week.   Minimal use corridors, rarely used conference rooms 
and training rooms. 
3. Spot Cleaning - Spots and stains are one of the biggest detriments to high appearance 
levels.  In order to maintain a consistent appearance level between periodic maintenance, 
it's critical that spots and stains be removed on a daily basis.  In most cases, daily spotting 
is the responsibility of the janitorial or housekeeping staff. Milliken recommends the use of 
a MilliCare® Spot Kit or Capture® Spot Kit for treating most spots, following these 
• Remove as much excess material as possible prior to spot removal. Blot up liquids 
with a clean white terry cloth, vacuum up soil and gently scrap up encrusted 
• Spray Capture Pre-mist onto a clean, white terry towel and work in gently. Do not 
scrub. Blot, absorbing as much of the spot into the towel as possible. Work from 
the outside edge of the spot into the center to prevent spreading.  
• Apply Capture dry carpet cleaner to the spot. Gently agitate with a brush. Wait 30 
minutes, and vacuum.  
Note: Milliken does not recommend using any spotting agents containing solvents as they can 
leave residue that contributes to resoiling and can possibly damage the carpet.

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