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The history of carpet « Axminster Carpets

The history of carpet « Axminster Carpets:

A brief history of carpet making(click above for a more comprehensive account). From early beginnings wool being spun, hand made rugs, then tufting, looming machines, weaving and environment issues(first carbon neutral carpet) the woollen fibre has evolved and served households / business to insulate from cold and enhance the environment. Weather your carpet has been made by Cavalier Bremworth, Brintons, Feltex, Godfrey Hirst, Victoria  carpets, Chaparral carpet mills, North State carpet mills - they have all evolved for different markets form these early beginnings.

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Axminster Carpets Ltd launches Swaledale, the first carbon neutral carpet.

1940 to 1950

Tufted carpets developed in USA from candlewick weaving techniques.


Whitty makes carpet for Throne Room at Carlton House and Brighton Pavilion and supplied £1000 carpet to Sultan of Turkey. It became the fashion to match carpets to ceilings, a trend that is still followed by today's equivalent of Whitty's factory, Axminster Carpets.


Carpet factory built at Wilton

1000 AD

Marco Polo confirms rug making in Central Anatolia. From there the technique spread through the Caucasus, Turkomania, Persia, Meshed, Herat, Kabul, India and Kashmir.
Traders took rugs to Samarkand, Bokhara, Tashkent, Sinkiang and Peking and the craft swept through Tunisia, Biskra, Bou Saada, Marakesh and Fez.

6000 BC

Evidence has been found of goats and sheep being sheared for wool and hair and the fibres being spun and woven.

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