Friday, October 31, 2014

Damaged rug or carpet from bugs / wear

Is your carpet or rug being damaged by bugs ? Is your carpet or rug wearing out ?

What ever fiber you buy to cover your floor it will encounter wear and tear. There will be different effects from local conditions and how you use your home. Ask yourself is your home or work space affected by the following :

- Fumes from traffic / pollution / cooking in the kitchen( do you use alot of oil to cook)
- Are there plants that shed leaves / berries / fruits.
- A bitumen footpath
- Beach sand
- Dusty soil
- Heavy traffic wheel chairs , trolleys , many people 
- Coffee/Tea spills  
any many more.
These are walked onto the carpets and rugs and create challenges to maintain.  The fiber assets needs to be assessed to work out a correct maintenance procedure to reduce soil stains and repairs. If the fibers are not looked after then the fiber life is reduced and inevitably you will be replacing more often. 
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