Thursday, October 09, 2014

How do your rugs and carpets become soiled ? Do you Know? Have a look at this video

We have all purchased rugs and carpets to make our home or office reflect who we are and the colours we like in our home/office. 

There are 5 main things that effect your carpet or rug.

* What are they made from and how are they made. A cheap rug or carpet is machine made with the aim to make as much carpet or as many rugs as possible. The focus is on  volume not how long will the rug last.
* What colour! A lighter colour will not last as long as a darker colour, the rug/ carpet  will need more maintenance to look after it to ensure a long life.
* How are they used? A rug used in a high traffic area will fill with soil much faster than a rug in a light soiled areas such as a study. The soil filters through the fibre  and of left in the rug or carpet the soil will cut the fibres reducing the rug or carpets life considerably.

* How do you maintain the rug or carpet? Both need regular vacuuming , spot cleaning , dusting and restoration cleaning. Vacuuming must be with an agitating head vacuum to remove the most soil particles. Spot cleaning must be with approved spotter so the fibre is not damaged by the chemicial.
Restoration clean can be do by a professional - Able Carpet Care 03 95627565. They will vacuum, dust and clean your rugs and carpets. 

* Finally rotate your rugs or move the furniture on your carpet so the traffic is not in the one spot all the time. You may only need to replace carpet once in your life time. 

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